Ad Tech Pros LinkedIn Group Reaches 25,000 Members: What’s Next?

Another year has gone by since I last wrote about our community, and we’ve hit a major milestone at Ad Tech Pros: the 25,000th member has just joined us!

For some context, we were 16,000 in 2016, 18,000 by 2019, 22,000 by early 2022 – and now 25,000 by the end of September of 2023. Ad Tech Pros is currently growing at a rate of more than 200 new members per month. This impressive growth speaks volumes of its strength and value provided to ad tech professionals worldwide and increased interest in what used to be a niche of a niche industry.

LinkedIn groups have long been used as a platform for professionals to network, exchange ideas, and keep abreast of industry developments. Ad Tech Pros is no different; our growth demonstrates a desire for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration within the ad tech ecosystem.

The Value of LinkedIn Groups

Ad Tech Pros offers an online community for people interested in advertising technology to connect: here you can meet other ad techies to connect with, share ideas, or sometimes just vent.

Knowledge Sharing
Our group also serves as a repository of industry insights, best practices, and the newest advancements. Members enjoy conversations among themselves as they exchange experiences while helping one another stay abreast of ad tech innovation.

In the fast-paced world of ad tech, relationships matter – Ad Tech Pros provides an ideal opportunity to network with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators in an intimate group environment that may lead to exciting partnerships or career prospects.

Industry Updates
Staying up-to-date on the ever-evolving ad tech industry can be daunting, so Ad Tech Pros makes staying informed simple by curating and disseminating news related to industry events and trends. Our members benefit greatly from having this valuable information at their fingertips.

What’s Next for Ad Tech Pros?

As we celebrate our growth, I also wish to outline the plans for the group’s future. Our main objective is to improve discussions further while remaining an invaluable resource for professionals in our industry.

Stricter Content Checks
We will implement more stringent checks on the content shared within the group, with an eye towards maintaining high standards of relevance – for instance, only posts related to advertising technology and closely-related topics will be allowed to be shared.

Reduce Low-Effort Posts
Maintaining the quality of discussions within the Ad Tech Pros group is a priority. To achieve this, we’ll be implementing content curation to reduce low-effort posts. For example, we’ll discourage generic event attendance announcements that lack substance or relevance to the group. Instead, we encourage members to share meaningful insights gained from these events or engage in discussions related to their impact on the ad tech industry. Furthermore, posts that primarily serve as self-promotion without providing valuable industry insights will be subject to more stringent scrutiny. Our aim is to foster meaningful interactions and ensure that every post contributes to our members’ professional growth in the ad tech field.

Rigorous Membership Approval
We understand the strength of our community is directly proportional to its membership and, as such, are implementing a more stringent members approval process – those whose backgrounds do not align with ad tech or closely related fields may not be approved for membership or may be asked why they are interested in joining the group.

Join us at Ad Tech Pros!

I take pride in the growth and accomplishments of the Ad Tech Pros community, and I’m excited about a future where our group remains a valuable source of knowledge and collaboration for ad tech professionals globally. Come join us, and together, we can contribute to the evolution of ad tech!