Spanning over fifteen years, my professional work focuses on revenue and business operations management following principles, strategies, and tactics of high-impact leadership.

I currently serve as VP of Revenue Operations for a fast-growing international tech company with remote teams on three continents. I'm based in Berlin, Germany.


How I can help

I am sometimes available to take on advisory roles supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in various stages. I can serve as a strategic peer partner for individuals or as a trusted advisor/consultant to the business.

Having previously worked for digital startups, large publishers, and technology giants such as Google and Facebook, I am ideally positioned to understand and address operational challenges within a variety of organizations and cultures.

Education, science, and culture are areas where I am happy to lend a helping hand through pro bono consulting and mentoring.

I'm equipped to advise both US- and EU-based companies.

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Credentials, Continued Learning

    Executive Education

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
      2022, Imperial College London

    • High Impact Leadership
      2020, Univ. of Cambridge

    • Leading Strategic Projects
      2020, Univ. of Oxford

    • Executive Data Science Specialization
      2016, Johns Hopkins University

    • Executive Leadership Certificate
      2011, Cornell Univ.

    Other Credentials

    • Business Risk Management
      2022, Univ. of Cape Town

    • Entrepreneurship Specialization
      2015, Univ. of Maryland

    • M.Sc. Marketing & B.Sc. Economics
      1997-2003, Vasile Goldis University

    • Certificate in Professional Management
      2001, OU Business School