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What I do

I specialize in digital strategy and operations, having advised both startups and established ad tech companies. As of 2018, I lead operations for ad tech company AAX, where we help publishers and advertisers work with the Acceptable Ads initiative. At times, I provide 1-on-1 consulting through Clarity and Evisors. Previous employers and clients include Google, Facebook, reddit.

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What I write

As founder & former editor of Ad Tech Daily, an ad tech news publication, my focus was on interviewing ad industry leaders and experts.
Here, at otilia.pro, I mostly blog about digital operations, entrepreneurship, and ad tech, with an occasional off-topic post on things that matter to me. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

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What I support

Education, science, and culture are some of the areas where I am happy to lend a helping hand through pro bono consulting – please do reach out if this applies to you!
For [very] early stage startups, I run free mentoring sessions twice a year, lasting 4-6 months. See Entrepreneurship & Mentoring for details.

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Latest from the blog

There’s a lot going on in the ad tech space and I sometimes cover it. At other times, I choose to speak of things that interest me – travel and music, mostly – and that I feel like sharing. Head over to the blog and, if you feel talkative enough, leave a comment or contact me in private.

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Web Monetization

I help publishers analyze and improve their web monetization, through a mix of display and native advertising, content strategy, and key partnerships. I also help ad tech companies with brand building and communications projects.
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Need more info?

I’m happy to provide further information on my expertise, background, and methods. A good start would be to head over to the about page, check out the services I currently provide, or send me a message right away.
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