Operational strategy

From Revenue, Finance, People, and Sales Operations to Business Intelligence, CRM and workflow optimization, I can help your organization achieve clarity and efficiency in the way it operates and grows.
My experience spans across both US and EU environments.

Leadership support

Leadership does not occur in a vacuum; high impact leaders draw from those around them to reach their goals. Together, we can work towards identifying and understanding your context, challenges, and enablers to leadership.
As a result, you'll be better prepared to respond to uncertainty and change in a world that's increasingly complex.


Quick consultations

Sometimes you really just want to pick someone's brain!

For that, we can have online sessions of 30 minutes, 1 hour or more. These sessions take place via specialized platforms that handle scheduling, calling, and billing.

Please allow at least 12 hours response time to any request for a consultation, to account for the timezone difference.

Book a session for:

- career conversations
- industry insights
- resumes & CVs, cover letters
- mock interviews
- work-life balance
- conflict resolution.

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Book a session to discuss:

- pitching an idea, go-to-market strategy
- communicating your value proposition
- finding the right team
- stakeholder management
- operations strategy
- budget and P&L development.

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  • My call with Otilia was absolutely brilliant! She provided excellent advice particularly as it pertains to launching a startup as well marketing strategies. I will be implementing her recommendations and am very grateful that I spoke with her before officially launching! Highly highly recommend!

    Clare Nyhan, via Clarity.fm

  • Highly, highly intelligent, Otilia is one of those people who is able to see the bigger picture - to understand a large number of variables affecting an issue, isolate the most relevant, and make sound business decisions based on her analysis of those.

    Ivan Heneghan, via LinkedIn

  • That was a really valuable call. Otilia covered a lot of things from different angles. It turned out that in this particular field there are plenty of factors we had never taken into account, which we are going to incorporate now.

    Alisa Firsova, via Clarity.fm

  • Great call. Tons of information for me to use. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Craig Morrison, via Clarity.fm

  • Otilia insights and knowledge about the online and advertising industry was priceless. Definitely keeping her for future sessions.

    Michael Reisner Mihailovici, via Clarity.fm

  • Thanks to Otilia I finally got what was wrong with my cv!

    Stan, via Evisors

Strategic peer partner

Perspective is hard to get when you're deeply involved; executives and decision makers are certainly not an exception. More often than not, they may not have the option to discuss concerns, fears, decisions and scenarios with colleagues, friends, or family.

A strategic peer partner can give you the perspective and input from someone who isn't involved with your business or stakeholders, and whose only goal is to help you succeed. They are also ideally positioned to help you enhance you emotional intelligence and empathy—key enablers of high impact leadership. Unlike coaches, a peer partner will brainstorm with you, will give you their opinions and ideas, and will work with you to find solutions.

We can go over ideas, decisions, strategies, opportunities and challenges to your leadership. In practice, strategic peer partner sessions are one-on-one confidential conversations held as frequently as needed: recurring and one-offs as well.

Please get in touch if you'd like to explore a peer partner arrangement and I'll be happy to walk you through the process.

Contact me


I’m happy to hear from you, whether you would like to request a consultation right away, or just want to understand if I can help.

Please be descriptive in your message and include links to your company website / product / platform or to any other online resources that might help me understand your business.

If you feel that you need an NDA before giving me the full picture, let me know and I will follow up with a standard document. Alternatively, I'm happy to sign yours.

As my current location is Berlin, Germany, my timezone is CET. Worldtimebuddy.com is a neat and quick tool to translate between timezones.