Web Monetization

I can help you monetize your website – small or large – and develop a coherent strategy to grow its revenue. I can be as hands-on as you like (though I don’t code) and we can work as a one-off project or on an ongoing basis.

Content Strategy

Planning, development, and managing your web content – beyond just copywriting!
Together, we will analyze your content and create sustainable strategies to keep it fresh, engaging, and generate revenue.


I am enthusiastic about the ad tech scene and about helping companies of all sizes communicate efficiently with their audiences and stakeholders, breaking through the clutter within the digital advertising industry.

Startup Mentoring

I’m happy to support startups in a variety of ways and I also offer free 4-6 months mentoring sessions to early stage startups, twice a year. Initiatives focused on education, science, and culture are prioritized whenever possible.
Otilia Otlacan - Content Strategy, Web Monetization


Career conversations, mock interviews, and resume critiques are available through the Evisors platform. Select universities have partnered with Evisors to offer discounted consultations and I am happy to honor those requests.


I am currently only accepting requests for pro-bono work. As my availability is rather limited, it is likely that I can only commit to helping 1-2 pro-bono clients per quarter, depending on what type of assistance is needed.

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Working Together

I’m happy to hear from you, whether you would like to request a consultation right away, or just check if I can help.

Please be as descriptive as possible in your message and include links to your company website / product / platform or to any other online resources that might help me understand your business.

Though I work with people around the globe, all communications will be exclusively in English. My time zone of reference is UTC, by the way. Click here to check what time that is in your location.

If you feel that you need an NDA before giving me the full picture, let me know and I will follow up with a standard document.