I’m Otilia Otlacan: ad tech industry long-timer, specialized in web monetization and digital operations strategy.

With over 10 years’ experience in project-driven environments ranging from small startups to large corporations such as Google and Facebook, I am now active on two fronts:

My work at AAX, where I lead operations and help publishers, advertisers, and ad tech vendors to work at scale with the Acceptable Ads initiative;

Otilia.pro, where I work with pro-bono clients and advise digital startups in all stages.

I previously published and edited Ad Tech Daily (initially called Ad Ops Online), a news publication I founded in 2008 that covers the ad tech industry, featuring over 11,000 news pieces, insights, commentaries.

Otilia OTLACAN, ad tech industry expert
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Professional Timeline


  • High Impact Leadership
    executive education program
    2020, University of Cambridge
  • Leading Strategic Projects
    executive education program
    2020, University of Oxford
  • Executive Data Science Specialization
    2016, Johns Hopkins University
  • Entrepreneurship Specialization
    2015, University of Maryland
  • Executive Leadership Certificate
    2011, Cornell University
  • M.Sc. Marketing, B.Sc. Economics
    1997 – 2003, Vasile Goldis University
  • Certificate in Professional Management
    2001, OUBS


  • Goto11.tech / Otilia.pro
    since Jan. 2011
  • Ad Tech Daily
    founder, editor
    2008 – 2016

    news & insights from the ad tech industry
  • Ad Ops Professionals
    creator, moderator
    since 2008

    group for ad tech professionals with over 19,000 members
    Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several things I get asked about pretty regularly: the ones below. Send me a message if you would like to know more, or get in touch through any of my social media profiles.




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