The Team We Need vs. the Team We Deserve: Closing the Gap Between the Two

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In the quest to assemble the team we need, do we often get the team we deserve instead? They should be one and the same, yet that’s barely ever the case in practice. We want—and need—our employees to be engaged, curious, collaborative, knowledgeable, proactive, daring, and with a mindset of learning and growing. We’ve also been trained to seek out and recruit for these qualities, however accurate a recruiting process can be. And then we expect team members, new and old, to act and live up to the potential we’ve seen in them. Things get tricky when that doesn’t happen, and we’re left wondering what went wrong.

The Ad Tech Pros Group Is Now 22,000-Strong!

It’s 2022 and the “Ad Tech Pros” group on LinkedIn has just welcomed its 22,000th member.Well, we’re 22,022 at the moment I’m writing this—and counting! I couldn’t be happier and more proud of this community’s growth. Created shortly after I … Read More