Phone Consultations

Phone consultations are quick solutions for issues big and small, particularly when all you need is to ask a few questions and – as much as I dislike the expression – pick the brain of someone with specific experience and skills.

I am available for phone consultations on some days, usually between noon – 4pm EST, and welcome requests via the Clarity platform. My rate is $150 per hour ($2.50 per minute). The call itself, as well as the payment, is handled by Clarity. Please note that this is not a venue to discuss matters related to Eyeo / Adblock Plus / Acceptable Ads / Flattr Plus.

How does it work? See below, or contact me if you have any questions before requesting a call.

Schedule a call

Click the button above to request a call; you will then have the option to select 3 dates and times that work best for your schedule and let me know what would you like to talk about.

Get Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email with a conference line and access code provided. Block out your calendar and prepare some questions and topics to cover in the call. Feel free to invite up to 8 others from your team to dial in as well, at no additional cost!

Connect, Talk & Pay

Call the conference line provided in your confirmation email. After the call, you’ll be charged my per-minute rate, and I will get paid. You can then leave a rating and review.